2020 Skoda Vision E Front

The first time, all electric 2020 Skoda Vision E is coming. That`s going to be the first time that Skoda has produced all-electric SUV and we`re more than happy about the way how they`ve announced it. We know that the SUV category is one of the most popular categories on the market but with new Vision E, Skoda`s engineers have added something brand new. Everything they`ve shown so far, tells us that they`re paying great care to make this car as better as it can be. Let`s take a few minutes of your time to see what is expected to come from new Vision E.

2020 Skoda Vision E Front

2020 Skoda Vision E Exterior Design, Specs, Review

The first impression when you take a look at the exterior design of a new 2020 Skoda Vision E is that it is really an SUV ready to hit the future. They`ve done some serious work to make it look that way. We can`t say that he`s similar to the any Skoda`s model so far. It has completely new shape and style. It is just the perfect car for the future. His edges are sharp in the places where they need to be sharp and round on the places where they need to be round and soft. An incredible job is done with the new Vision E. There is rear spoiler attached on the back which shows that Vision E wants to be sportier than it was before. With new 22.0-inches alloy wheels that are placed on this SUV, it gets even sportier than before.

It is about time that Skoda appears with some vehicle of this kind. New 2020 Skoda Vision E is their way to be in the step with all of the vehicles and in the step with the future. The overall weight of the new Vision E is lower than before. That way, the performances can be improved with the help of the chassis. Skoda`s engineers are trying to release the pressure from the engine. Skoda`s engineers are trying to create some brand new details. We can see on the rear part that the bumper is bigger than we are used Skoda`s vehicles to have. The taillights are now placed wider than before and that makes them really close to one another.

2020 Skoda Vision E Cabin

2020 Skoda Vision E Interior Look, Appearance, Style

The interior design of the new 2020 Skoda Vision E is still hidden from the eyes of the customers. They`re being pretty mysterious about it because they want some really new things to be added inside. Skoda`s engineers and designers are doing the pretty good job to make it really unique SUV. Therefore, we expect to see some incredible details. It is pretty clear that there won`t be any buttons on the instrument board. That`s the first thing they have to think about. They must make it easy to be controlled for every passenger inside. We are sure that the passengers in the back row of seats will have their own touchscreens on the back of the front row seats.

They still haven`t released any information`s about the seats of new 2020 Skoda Vision E. They are saying that the seats are being totally redesigned. It is clear that they`re going to be made from the top quality Alcantara leather. With them, the passengers are going to be fully relaxed during the ride. The finest lumbar support is offered with those seats. They`re doing the best they can to release all the stress from the passengers. It is said that the infotainment system of new Vision E is one of the kind. It has all the modern functions and Skoda`s engineers still don`t want to reveal anything about them. They still don`t want to talk about what functions are installed in this SUV.

2020 Skoda Vision E Side

2020 Skoda Vision E Engine, Power, Performances, Speed

It is said that new 2020 Skoda Vision E is being fully electric power and supplied with the finest engine option. Now, there are so little information`s being said about this SUV and his engine options. Now, all we know is that he`s going to be powered with the lithium-ion batteries which are going to be able to take him on a quite good range with low bad gas emissions. That`s something Skoda`s engineers are fighting for. The range of this vehicle isn`t announced yet but it is said that it`s going to be over 300 miles. We are so proud about that news. One greater thing is said about that engine. That is that the battery is placed in the exact middle of this car which makes it really balanced SUV.

All these things make it one of the best equipped SUV which is ready to create an amazing power amount. The performances of the new Vision E are really superb. We absolutely love to see him that way.

2020 Skoda Vision E Price and Estimated Launch Date

We know that the 2020 Skoda Vision E is set to be released in the second half of 2020 year, probably in the August 2020. When it comes to the price, it is still so hard to talk about it. We still don`t have the information`s about it because it is a brand new vehicle.

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