2020 Kia SP Front View

We know that everything that Kia does with the extreme attention, this new 2020 Kia SP is one more evidence for that. There isn’t a customer that can say that SP won’t be exactly what they’ve wanted. This time, Kia has done even more than you could expect it to do. We are more than proud to be one of the first sites to talk about this type of car. New SP is ready and we have prepared a review that’s going to talk about him. Take a look.

2020 Kia SP Front View

2020 Kia SP Review, Exterior Design, Specs

When it comes to the exterior design, we are more than sure that Kia’s going to do something brand new with this model. This time, it is announced to be a brand new model so it is still prepared as a concept. That means that he can be a bit redesigned as well. This surely isn’t his final version. We know that the last call about this model gives the customers. What is almost 100% sure about it is that he’s going to arrive on the 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels. That way, he really gets us excited about his arrival date and appearance. It is more than clear that he’s going to look stunning and extremely classy.

The platform on which new 2020 Kia SP is going to arrive is a bit different than before but we are sure that Kia’s going to create it based on some other of their famous models. You can be perfectly safe and secure that it’s going to look stunning and that it’s going to be more than functional. Kia ensures us that they’re going to offer more than perfect lamps mode. Those lamps can give you more than amazing visibility and they’re using less energy than any others. That’s the perfect way to head towards the future and towards that what the customers want to have. If we found out some details that can make this model closer to you we’re going to let you know instantly.

2020 Kia SP Cabin Look

2020 Kia SP Interior Design, Style, Appearance

The cabin look of new 2020 Kia SP is going to be more than interesting. Kia has said that they’re going to do all they can to make it better than before, better on any other similar looking car. What is positive is that he’s going to offer enough room to accommodate 5 adult passengers. That way, you can be perfectly safe sitting inside this car. New SP is cozier than some other cars because he’s going to be made using finer materials. Among many others, we know that Kia’s going to equip it with the finest Alcantara leather. That’s surely the best that the car industry can offer to the customers. We’re really loving new SP Concept that way.

It is still interesting that Kia still doesn’t want to talk about the infotainment system of this car. OK, we know that he’s still just a concept version but the customers can’t really effect on the functions that will be installed inside. We think that’s due to the amazing plan that Kia’s engineers have about it. We have heard that new 2020 Kia SP is planned to be equipped with the finest possible functions. That’s the first time that Kia’s model is announced to be equipped with the features that aren’t available in some other modern vehicle. New SP Concept will surely bring something new to the market.

2020 Kia SP Rear View

2020 Kia SP Engine, Power, Performances

Even though new 2020 Kia SP is still just a concept version, we know this is one true SUV that has to be powered with some mighty engine unit. According to the first rumors that are available, we know that he’s going to be powered with the 1.6-liter supercharged petrol-powered unit. This is one of the most effective ones that Kia could prepare for a new SP Concept. This time, we don’t have the official power amount ready because this is one more than a new engine. It is more than exclusive news available for you. Of course, we know that Kia won’t release anything that’s below 140 horsepower for a basic trim level option. When it comes to the torque amount, we know it can’t be under 150 lb/ft. Kia definitely won’t work under that power amount.

This new SP Concept is announced to have one of the finest hybrid-powered engine options. Now, we don’t have the details about it but we really know this could be more than true. This could be the basic trim level option for new SP. Let’s wait a month or two to find that officially.

2020 Kia SP Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Kia SP is announced to be available at the beginning of September 2020. The starting price for this upcoming SUV is set to be around $40k.

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