2020 Bentley Mulsanne Front

Bentley is surely more than capable to create extremely good cars and new 2020 Bentley Mulsanne is one of the latest proof for that. Now, we are ready to share those new details about new Mulsanne that are ready to make you speechless. This review is prepared so you can feel really close to this awesome car. Bentley has done all they can to make him the best on the market so it is out true pleasure to make him closer to you. Take a look at the details that are available about this new Mulsanne.

2020 Bentley Mulsanne Front

2020 Bentley Mulsanne Redesign, Review, Specs

The exterior design is definitely something that brings quite a refreshment on the market. We are so happy about his release date that we can’t describe that to you. Bentley has done so many great things and they have made us special and happy so many times. We know that new Mulsanne can make us feel that way again. New Mulsanne is really doing the most amazing things thanks to his exterior look for sure. He’s placed on a slightly reshaped platform that is capable to make him run faster without some additional effort from the engine made. He’s placed closer to the ground which makes him capable to have better aerodynamic abilities. That way, his edges are sharper which really makes him look sportier than before. That is one of the goals that Bentley’s engineers have put in front of themselves. 

One of the other goals is to make him even classier than before. The secret is that new 2020 Bentley Mulsanne won’t be offered with so many new exterior color choices. They still don’t want to make him available in those weird colors that can make him look funny. The basic choice is black and that is surely the best thing that suits this type of car. We can spot that the front fascia looks a bit different than before and that’s thanks to the larger Bentley emblem on the middle of the grille. We’re really loving it that way. We can see that the spacing between the horizontal bars is bigger which is made to serve the engine with enough cold air at every moment. 

2020 Bentley Mulsanne Cabin

2020 Bentley Mulsanne Interior Design, Style, Comfort Level

Looking inside, new 2020 Bentley Mulsanne has so much to offer. Now, they’ve done some serious changes to make it even better than before. New Mulsanne is made to have more room for both passengers and their cargo. That way, it becomes closer to both younger customers and the customers that have more members like families with more children. To make the children entertained in every moment, Bentley added two separate touchscreens at the back of the front two seats. That central touchscreen that is added on the middle of the instrument board is now 11.0-inches wide which is the biggest ever placed in Bentley’s vehicle. New Mulsanne is arriving with significant more functions to offer.

According to the officials, new Mulsanne has so much more fine and superb materials to offer. The seats inside new 2020 Bentley Mulsanne are made using nothing but the finest leather. They aren’t just covered in it, they’re made entirely from that material. In addition to that, Bentley has used the finest wood that is imported from Brazil. According to the rumors, that’s going to be the finest rosewood. New Mulsanne is made to entertain and to accommodate way more passengers than before. Of course, both heating and cooling options are added to the seats. That way, the passengers are surely going to enjoy every second inside this awesome car. 

2020 Bentley Mulsanne Side

2020 Bentley Mulsanne Engine, Power, Performances, Speed

There will be more than one engine option available for new 2020 Bentley Mulsanne. Now, it is said that new Mulsanne is faster and stronger than before which is really good for the younger generations. New Mulsanne is set to use brand new the 6.7-liter turbocharged petrol-powered V8 unit. This mighty engine option is set to be capable to produce the 540 horsepower. That’s truly great power amount that is available for new Mulsanne. When you add 811 lb/ft as the maximum torque amount, you’re going to know that’s going to be the best Bentley’s available sedan.

We still don’t have any official details about this car but it is said that new Mulsanne is set to run from 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds. That’s great for this car because it is faster than ever before. 

2020 Bentley Mulsanne Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Bentley Mulsanne is set to be released in May 2020 which is almost there. Looking at the rumors, we must say that new Mulsanne is set to be released at the starting price of around $310.000.

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