2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Front

If some car designer knows how to produce an awesome looking car that’s Alfa Romeo and the evidence for that is new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. We are really looking forward to the arrival of this new Giulietta. This time, Alfa Romeo has done so many amazing jobs. That way, new Giulietta looks even better than before which is really important and really hard to accomplish. Let’s see if they have managed to do that. 

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Front

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Redesign, Appearance, Specs

Even though new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta looks really good, we must say that isn’t the best thing for it. New Giulietta looks better and sharper than before. Alfa Romeo has done the incredible job to make those edges sharper than before. In both ways, that makes new Giulietta better than before. In one way, it makes his aerodynamic abilities better and it makes him look sportier than before. There are some really new lines than before. Some of them are on the sides and some of them are on the front. This generation of Giulietta arrives on the 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels. That’s one more thing that’s making him sportier and stronger than before.

On the front, new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta has some new details as well as on the rest of the body. The grille is sharper than before and it has a way the bigger gap between those vertical bars. That way, it makes the engine cooled with enough cold air in every moment. Next, to the grille, we can notice that the headlights are sharper than before. Not only that they’re sharper and longer, but they’re also made to use brand new lamps. That’s brilliant to know. That way, the visibility is really good. On the back, we now that the spoiler is always there are it needs to keep this car steady on the road in every moment. 

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cabin

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Interior Look, Size, Shape

The interior design looks really good, as we are used to. New 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is made using the finest materials. According to the rumors, new Giulietta is made with the finest carbon fiber and the finest leather as well. As well as those superb materials, Alfa Romeo will use some other wooden parts as well. Together, it makes him classier than ever before. We are sure that new Giulietta looks cozier for the customers. The seats inside new Giulietta will be made in a brand new shape. This time, that bucket shape makes it better and it makes you really feel the speed this car is capable to produce.

The instrument board inside new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is available with fewer buttons. That way, the buttons are positioned better than before. It makes the entire instrument board more driver-oriented. That’s something that makes this car better than before. We know that the infotainment system is better than before. We still don’t know the functions that are going to be installed in it but we know that there will be more of them installed. Of course, the software is going to be updated. That’s great to know and it is great to make this car super modernized.

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Side

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Engine, Power, Abilities

The engine unit is really important and we really know that Alfa Romeo is going to make it way better than before. This time, it is said that new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is going to be powered with the 2.2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol-powered engine unit. This one is stronger than before. Using this mighty engine unit, new Giulietta is capable to be powered with the power of 280 horses. Not only that, new Giulietta is capable to be supplied with the 300 lb/ft as the maximum of the torque amount. 

This engine is capable to create a way better performances and higher speed. What is great about new Giulietta is that he can run from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds which is stronger than before. 

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Estimated Launch Date and Price

New 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulietta can be released at the May 2020. The starting price of new Giulietta is set to be around $73.000.

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