2019 Toyota Avalon Front

There isn`t a person that doesn`t love brand new vehicles. This time, 2019 Toyota Avalon is announced as Toyota`s support for their mission to win over the world. They really want to be the leaders in all markets. This time, new Avalon is here to help them become the best on the sedan market. According to the first impressions, the customers are thrilled with the way how this car looks. They haven`t still tested him on the streets but we know some information`s about the engine units that could appear under the hood. Let`s take a look at the review about new Avalon, really good looking car.

2019 Toyota Avalon Front

2019 Toyota Avalon Exterior Design, Shape, Style

The first thing we must notice on new 2019 Toyota Avalon is his front fascia. Everything that Toyota has placed there is larger than on any other vehicle. Just take a look at the grille. It is way larger than we can remember any Toyota`s vehicle is equipped with. The headlights are thin and they remind us on some other model from Toyota`s lineup, it`s just the way they do things out there. This model called Avalon will arrive on 19.0-inches alloy wheels. Only with them, this entire sedan looks sportier than some others. Of course, LED lamps will be used for all of the lights on new Avalon. This time, even the taillights and the fog lights will be powered using that type of technology.

The shape of new 2019 Toyota Avalon tells us a lot of how great Toyota`s designers are. They`ve created the car that has brilliant shape. This time, brilliant shape means better aerodynamic efficacy. To be precise, that means new Avalon is about to use less fuel than any other vehicle that is similar to him. Overall weight is one more thing where they want Avalon to be the best. Due to that, they`ve added more aluminum and carbon fiber in the chassis that in any other vehicle from his category. Great constructing by Toyota`s designers and engineers. Even though the basis of new Avalon is colored in blue, there will be so many other exterior color choices available and we can`t get happier about it.

2019 Toyota Avalon Interior

2019 Toyota Avalon Interior Design, Review, Materials

New 2019 Toyota Avalon is a true sedan, we can all see that, but somehow, when we take a look inside, it feels like we`re sitting inside true SUV. It is that cozy. It is cozier and roomier than all the other cars that are close to him by the exterior dimensions. As we`re saying, this new Avalon is amazing no matter where you take a look. It has some brand new seats added inside. Now, they`re created to look like sporty seats but with splendid lumbar and sides support. The materials are perfectly selected for new Avalon as well. There will be Alcantara leather as primarily but wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber won`t be forgotten too.

The instrument board may be the secret of why new 2019 Toyota Avalon is that roomy. It is made to be moved a bit further into the front part of this car. Also, this time, it has significantly fewer buttons than we could see on some similar Toyota`s cars. Now, the focus will be on the touchscreen. It is now, 9.0-inches wide and it is fully colored one. To be honest, one thing inside made us happier than ever. New Avalon is announced as first Toyota`s car to arrive with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection systems as part of the basic equipment. That means that no matter what trim level of new Avalon you buy, you can enjoy in that amazing connection systems. We are thrilled with that news. We love Toyota this time.

2019 Toyota Avalon Rear

2019 Toyota Avalon Engine, Power, Transmission

As we`ve said, new 2019 Toyota Avalon still isn`t tested on the road but we know the engine that`s going to be his basic choice. It`s going to be Toyota`s famous 3.5-liter V6 unit but with more power output than on some other models. New Avalon is now going to be supplied with 300 horsepower and with the torque of 270 lb/ft. That is more than enough for this kind of sedan. We can`t wait to see official tests going on. As we are used to from Toyota, this engine will be paired with the 8-speed automatic gearbox. They know how it works and their engines work amazingly with it. Front-wheel drive mode is the only one today but we expect to see AWD announced shortly.

2019 Toyota Avalon Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Price is maybe the most hidden part of new 2019 Toyota Avalon. Looking for some similar models we are sure new Avalon can`t be offered under $36.000 for his starting model. The release date is probably set to be May 2019.

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