2019 Tesla Roadster Front

Among the all-electric cars, new 2019 Tesla Roadster is definitely aiming to become the leader in the market. Tesla surely wants this model to be the best when it comes to the performances while we are sure it`s going to be one of the finest when it comes to the design. We can see that Tesla is the young company that becomes bigger and bigger with every New Year that arrives. In the 2019 year, we expect to see the best from Tesla so far. Take a look. 

2019 Tesla Roadster Front

2019 Tesla Roadster Redesign, Appearance, Style

As we`ve said, new 2019 Tesla Roadster will be one of the finest when it comes to the design. It`s going to be made in the finest shape that makes him great in aerodynamic abilities as well. That is something that all-electric car needs to have. Newest Roadster will be one of the best in that aspect. We`ve seen some concept versions of new Roadster before but there aren`t some iconic changes looking to that concept version and this production one. Especially because customers are pleased with the way new Roadster always look.

The front fascia of new 2019 Tesla Roadster is produced with finest materials that can make his overall weight dropped. Other than that, it can make him stronger than before. Especially when it comes to the bumper. With this reinforcement, it`s going to make entire vehicle stronger and a bit safer than before. Looking to the sides, we can`t see some massive changes but it`s going to look spectacular. Those lines that Tesla Motors gave him on the sides are looking nicer every time we take a look at him. The rear part is looking nicer as well. It has that rear bumper that will have exhaustion pipes added just for greater design. One more evidence that tells us that Tesla Motors is taking special care of the customers is that new Roadster will be offered with way more exterior color choices.

2019 Tesla Roadster Interior

2019 Tesla Roadster Interior, Materials, Instrument board

We are more than curious to see how will the interior of new 2019 Tesla Roadster look. What we know is that it`s going to have only the finest materials used inside. We are sure that there won`t be plastic used inside new Roadster at all. Only Alcantara leather, carbon fiber, and some small wooden parts can be seen inside new Roadster. Bucket shaped seats are announced for new Roadster but we still haven`t seen them. If this car appears to them, that will be great. With them, passengers can really feel safe and they can really feel the speed inside.

Talking about the instrument board, we must say that Tesla Motors give their vehicles only one large touchscreen on the middle of it. New 2019 Tesla Roadster will have that as well. This time, that will be 12.3-inches wide touchscreen. Through it, you can control all the functions that will be installed in new Roadster. What is great is that new Roadster will be one of the best-equipped cars and one of the extra modern cars. All of the functions will be easy to control and well installed. Some of them will be: both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, dual-zone climate controller, emergency braking, side alert, blind spot monitors, overtaking alert, adaptive cruise control, traction control, tire pressure monitoring and many new ones.

2019 Tesla Roadster Rear

2019 Tesla Roadster Engine, Transmission, Specs

The range will be first thing new 2019 Tesla Roadster has to work on. According to the rumors, when the batteries inside new Roadster are full, he can go over 620 miles. That is more than amazing and we have heard that his batteries can be fully charged in under an hour if you plug it in Tesla`s official outlet. In regular house outlet, new Roadster can have its batteries charged in around 3 hours which is also great. His batteries will be lithium-ion ones. There will be three or four batteries which can have around 200 kilowatt-hour power. Using it, he can go from 0-60 mph in only 3 seconds flat which can make him the faster all-electric car ever made. His top speed still isn`t announced but we expect it to be around 190 mph.

2019 Tesla Roadster Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date still isn`t sure but we expect new 2019 Tesla Roadster to be around November 2019, not sooner. Price is still a mystery but we know that he can`t be released for the price of under $300.000. We must mention that new Roadster will be limited to 1.000 produced models.

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