2019 Tesla Model X Front

In the world of all-electric vehicles, especially all-electric SUVs, new 2019 Tesla Model X have all it takes to be the leader. When Tesla Motors have announced him getting the new generation in 2019, we and the rest of the car lovers world, went crazy about it. We`re eager to find out every little information about it so we can make him closer to you. Today, we are here with the small review of new Model X. This review has all the reliable information’s about new Model X on one place so you can take a look on all of them together.

2019 Tesla Model X Front

2019 Tesla Model X Review, Exterior Look

As we all know, Tesla Motors are definitely the leaders in the innovative exterior design. There will be so many great details on this new 2019 Tesla Model X as well. His shape will remain the same as before which is perfect for this SUV model. That will make him have great aerodynamic abilities. New Model X really look more than impressive. Just take a look at his front part. It is designed with great materials and with great details. His headlights are more than amazing. They`re extra thin and long, placed closer to the grille.

The grille is now thinner than ever but with larger Tesla Motors logo placed on the middle. This time, even the hood on new 2019 Tesla Model X is longer than before with new lines on it. This time, Model X is placed on 20.0-inch alloy wheels which are looking more than impressive. Entire Model X is made using extra lightweight and luxury materials. Combining those great materials, new Model X will lose some weight while it`s going to have better performances.

2019 Tesla Model X Interior

2019 Tesla Model X Interior, Materials, Instrument Board

We must say that there isn`t a car enthusiast that don`t know how the interior of any Tesla Motors vehicle looks. It`s simple but extra effective and with no buttons on the instrument board present. This new 2019 Tesla Model X will be designed with that same method. New Model X will have the large 17.0-inch touchscreen in the middle of the instrument board. Using that touchscreen you can control all the numerous of functions that will be installed inside.

Some of them are: parking sensors, all-around view camera, Bluetooth and USB connection, airbags, adaptive cruise control, satellite radio, digital navigation system, dual-zone climate controller, emergency braking, Bose sound system and many others. When it comes to the seats inside 2019 Tesla Model X you need to know that they`re going to be made using newly developed Nappa leather. Other than great materials, they`ll be designed in bucket way so the passengers have amazing feeling driving in them.

2019 Tesla Model X Side

2019 Tesla Model X Power, Battery, Engine

The greatest thing about the engine unit for new 2019 Tesla Model X is that it`s going to have great performances. We must mention that new Model X will be released with engine option that will allow him to go from 0-60 mph in only 4 seconds. His top speed is estimated to be 155 mph. You need to know that the engine for new Model X will use great lithium-ion batteries that will need only an hour to be fully charged which is amazing. When it comes to the range of new Model X, which is maybe the most important thing about it, you need to know it`s going to be over 300 miles, it is announced that way.

2019 Tesla Model X Price and Estimated Launch Date

The estimated starting price for new 2019 Tesla Model X will be $133.000. We know that he can go way over $150.000. Of course, if you give him all the extra equipment he`s capable to be released with. The release date for new Model X will be around the beginning of May 2019.

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