2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Front

Every new car deserves to have full attention, that’s the way with new 2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza. This perfect car model is shown to the audience at the Geneva Car show and the crowd was amazed by it. Of course, we all know how popular were the old versions of the Seat’s Ibiza but this new one should become the best so far. To be honest, it has everything it is necessary to be the best. Let’s see all the available details about this car.

2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Front

2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Exterior Design, Shape, Style

To be honest, the first thing we must say about this car when we take a look at it is that he looks a lot like Ford’s model Fiesta ST. Try to not get us wrong but we like it that way. That’s why he’s definitely going to be able to attract more customers than before. New 2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza has the perfect exterior design to achieve all the goals his engineers and officials have thought about. We aren’t surprised by the shape of this car at all. Everybody who knows Seat knows that they aren’t creating their cars to be boxy. Therefore comes this brilliant shape of new Cupra Ibiza. His edges are rounder than on some other, similar cars. That’s the thing that can make him separated from the crowd of similar ones.

It is obvious that the front fascia looks the nicest on the entire exterior design. That’s the evidence that the Seat’s engineers have paid the biggest attention to that part of the new 2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza. We must say that we’re surprised with the way how the exterior looks this time. The grille is way wider than before which makes it classier and sportier than it was before. That’s the great thing to do since Seat wants this car to be their representative at the luxury market.

New lines are added to the sides of it which can make him look stronger. To accomplish that, your car to look both strong and classy, that’s the secret how you can become the best. The rear end is equipped with the larger rear glass which is quite a surprise because this car has all the safety equipment, especially the all-around view cameras, so we didn’t expect that. Never mind, it definitely looks nice.

2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Cabin

2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Interior Look, Specs, Appearance

The cabin of new 2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza is one more thing you had to do perfectly to make the customers love you more than they used to be. The first impression we have is that you will definitely love this car more than you have had before. His interior is designed with no errors at all. The more we look at it the more we love it. Just take a look at the instrument board for an example, and you will see what are we talking about. It has that big, 9.4-inches wide, touchscreen on the middle of it. Now, that screen is positioned a bit higher than before which makes every passenger easier to use it. There are fewer buttons and controls placed on the instrument board.

The climate vents are the only thing that is remained to be the same as before to make the passengers nicer than in some other similar models. When it comes to the new details, we can’t really see anything brand new inside new 2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza. Everything looks like it looks like before but nicer. Maybe the secret is in the materials that are used. Now, new Cupra Ibiza is made using no plastic at all. The biggest part of the cabin is made of the finest quality leather.

You should know that there won’t be any plastic parts inside. That’s the way how you increase the price and the quality of your product. New Cupra Ibiza is a great addition to the luxury market for sure. We have already talked about some of his safety equipment but you should know that there will be a few more of those. Everything that new Cupra Ibiza is equipped with, makes us love him even more.

2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Rear

2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Engine, Performances, Power

It is sure that the new 2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza is nice, but to be the best, you need to be strong as well. For that cause, Seat’s engineers have given him the finest engine options. This time, new Cupra Ibiza is powered with the 2.0-liter turbocharged V6 petrol powered unit. This is one of the strongest and the most useful engine options that Seat could offer for this type of car. Using this engine, new Cupra Ibiza can be supplied with the 197 horsepower and the 236 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

We are proud to say that some rumors are going on that this new Cupra Ibiza could arrive with the hybrid engine unit that’s making him one of the finest car for the environment. We’re really looking forward to that engine arriving under the hood of this powerful and nice machine.

2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza Price and Estimated Launch Date

The starting price for the new 2019 Seat Cupra Ibiza is set to be $23.500. This is the perfect price for this kind of car. They have set the release date at the beginning of the April 2019.

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