2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Front

If you have to choose to release new SUV to the market, that will be new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV for sure. Even though his name isn’t yet sure and this is still just a concept version we are sure that this model will definitely have all it takes to become world’s finest. His name is already saying much, Eclipse is surely one of the famous Mitsubishi’s model and just hearing that name made us think a bit more about him. Mitsubishi as one of the finest Japanese car producer is famous for creating larger SUVs but this new Eclipse SUV is announced to be mid-size SUV. Let’s see a bit more about this model. Here it is, new Eclipse.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Front
2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Exterior design, Review

We are so proud to tell you about first details considering the exterior design of Mitsubishi’s SUV. A few days ago, new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV was seen testing on the streets. Even though he was almost totally covered with deep and heavy camouflage we can see some details on his body. It is obvious that this new Eclipse SUV will look almost exactly like Mitsubishi’s XR Concept which was shown in the 2015s. It definitely has great design and shape which can make him have better aerodynamics.

Due to that, we know new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV will have better performances than some other SUVs in this category. That category will be mid-size crossovers. This one is announced with sharp headlights and with the large grille. His back part will be equipped with dual exhaustion pipes and with long and wide taillights. Even though we still don’t have some official information’s about it, we expect to see all the lights powered with newly developed LED lamps. When it comes to the wheels, we don’t expect anything less than 20.0-inch alloy wheels.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Interior

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Interior Refreshments

Interior is even harder to talk about because we still haven’t seen any pictures or details about it. We know that new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV will be extremely roomy and comfortable. It’s going to offer great cargo room as well. We are sure that new Eclipse SUV will receive totally new infotainment system, like in no one SUV before. That could be the difference between this new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV and the rest of his opponents.

Some rumors are telling us that interior design of this Mitsubishi’s SUV will look like some famous BMWs models which can definitely make him the best in his class. There will be brand new seat design and finest materials used as well. When it comes to the functions, as we said, it’s going to be some brand new ones installed. The great thing about them is that you could use most of them using only the power of your voice.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Rear

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Engine, Power, Transmission, Abilities

Ok, we already know that this model will be stunning with design and equipped with great functions, roomy as well. But what will be under his hood, it’s one of the details we want to know as well. There are still so many speculations about this model and his engine options. Due to that we must listen carefully to be sure about it. What we think about it is that there could be some engine options similar to the ones which Outlander is equipped with. That could be either 2.4-liter inline-4 unit which is capable of producing 166 horsepower and torque amount of 162 lb/ft as a maximum.

The second unit that can be offered is maybe 3.0-liter V6 which is aimed at the highest trim level of new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV. He’s capable of producing 224 horsepower and 215 lb/ft as torque amount. Two transmission system options could be available for these and for some other engine units. That will be either 6-speed automatic gearbox or CVT.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Estimated Price and Release date

The release date for new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV is still unknown. We expect him to be released at May 2019, not sooner than that period. His starting price is also hard to estimate. It could be around $28.000 for basic trim level and way over $40.000 for most demanding ones.

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