2019 Mercedes S-Class Front

Having the perfect car as new 2019 Mercedes S-Class really is, all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride. For those that don`t have the budget for it, they can read and imagine how they`ll look inside this magnificent car. But this review is made for those that can`t decide whether they want to buy new S-Class or they don`t. We`re to make him closer to you and to prove that this is definitely one of the best cars ever. Take a look at everything we`ve managed to find out about new S-Class. Mercedes have really pushed the limits with this one.

2019 Mercedes S-Class Front

2019 Mercedes S-Class Appearance, Style, Redesign

The design is surely the first thing you`re going to think about when you imagine new 2019 Mercedes S-Class. That`s how Mercedes`s engineers and designers want you to think. They want the S-Class to be perfect, superb. His shape is absolutely brilliant. It is obvious that it is made with perfect attention. The result is obvious. It`s going to have amazing aerodynamic abilities.

The front part is lowered a bit more than before but not too much to make it impossible to be driven on some bumpy roads. When we talk about the exterior details, the first thing we must mention is his front fascia. It is made with perfect headlights and grille. The bumper is also revised. Now, it has larger air vents installed in him. There are some new lines added to the hood which looks longer that way. The grille is wider than it was before and now it`s going to be made using only chrome. That will make it shinier and classier in the same way.

2019 Mercedes S-Class Interior

New 2019 Mercedes S-Class will be placed on 19.0-inch alloy wheels. Those wheels will make it look stunning as well and it`s going to make it more capable to have better performances. Sides will have larger air vents as well. That will make the engine getting enough cooled air so it can work properly. Looking at the rear end, the first thing we can notice is longer rear glass. There will be revised rear bumper as well. It`s going to have larger exhaustion pipes which can make the sound of the engine improved. Taillights are thinner than before. They`ll use those new LED lamps as well. With them, new S-Class can make his energy wasting dropped to the minimum. There are so many new exterior color options announced so we are really looking forward to seeing him.

2019 Mercedes S-Class Inside look, Cabin

The cabin of new 2019 Mercedes S-Class is nothing less impressive than his exterior is. As we all know, Mercedes will not allow the plastic to be used inside the cabin of their cars. They`ll try to create it everything using only leather, wood and carbon fiber. Together, these materials create the perfect combination. Extra luxury and extra classy. Seats will be made using finest Alcantara leather. They`ll have both heating and cooling options included, even in the basic trim level. When we take a look at the front row of seats, we can see that they`re going to be made with more than 15 directions of adjustments.

Instrument board for new 2019 Mercedes S-Class will be almost completely redesigned. Buttons will be made in more circular shape. Climate vents are looking redesigned as well. It`s going to be bigger than before and it`s going to have sharper edges. The touchscreen on the middle of it will be 9.0-inches wide. The steering wheel is also redesigned and it`s going to have some new functions jammed inside as well. There will be the great balance made with safety and entertainment functions which are perfect. Those are great news for both younger generations and for larger families. Everybody can find something they love with new 2019 Mercedes S-Class.

2019 Mercedes S-Class Rear

2019 Mercedes S-Class Engine, Abilities, Transmission

This time, we know for only one engine option for new 2019 Mercedes S-Class. That will be the 4.0-liter V8 unit. This engine can supply new S-Class with 463 horsepower and with 516 lb/ft as torque amount. With this great amount of power, new S-Class can go from 0-60 mph in only 4.5 seconds which is better than before. Top speed this time is estimated to be 155 mph. This engine won`t be the only choice for new S-Class but it`s going to have only one transmission system choice, that will be 9-speed gearbox.

2019 Mercedes S-Class Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Looking at everything new 2019 Mercedes S-Class is capable to do, place him in extra luxury class. Price for that kind of car is around $90.000 for his basic trim level. Release date will be around February 2019.

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