2019 Lincoln Navigator Front

New 2019 Lincoln Navigator is definitely aiming to become the world`s finest luxury car. Lincoln is definitely capable to do that because they`ve proved themselves with Aviator and Continental. Those two models were one of the finest on the market. New Navigator is definitely the model that can easily beat them both. Just wait and see. We`ve presented you this small review so you can figure out what`s going to be that special about new Navigator. Take a look.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Front

2019 Lincoln Navigator Exterior Shape, Style

The exterior design of new 2019 Lincoln Navigator is surely the way how true luxury car should look. His shape is brilliant and it can make his aerodynamic abilities greater than ever. This time, they`ve made it using only lightweight materials. It is announced that there will be mostly aluminum and carbon fiber. Hard steel is also present but mostly in the bumpers. That can make them stronger than before but with it, they`ll look stronger than before. On the front side, we can see new Navigator has the bigger set of headlights. Headlights are wider than before and they`re going to use newly developed LED lamps. Those headlights can make it have better visibility with less energy usage now.

On the sides of 2019 Lincoln Navigator we can see that side mirrors are larger than before. Safety is improved this time with that. On the rear part, it is most visible that taillights are wider than before. Exhaustion pipes are larger than before and they`re placed on the end of the rear bumper. With that restyled made, new Navigator looks classier than before. Larger, 21.0-inch alloy set on wheels can definitely help him become that. Now, with bigger wheels, new Navigator looks stronger as well. More exterior color options are definitely something that can help him become more popular with the customers.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Interior

2019 Lincoln Navigator Interior, Shape, Review

Interior design is surely something Lincoln’s designers are among the leaders on the car market. New 2019 Lincoln Navigator will have it’s cabin made using only top quality leather because we can’t imagine new Navigator with plastic used inside its cabin. There aren’t that many pictures available about the interior design of new Navigator so we must assume what’s going to be placed inside this amazing machine. What is sure is that his instrument board must be bigger than before because that is what they create every year. They made it bigger but with the smaller amount of buttons. That’s what the modern times demands from new cars to have.

This time, the 10.2-inch touchscreen is now placed in the middle of that instrument board. Now, maybe a bit higher than before but surely as nice and well designed before. Now, they’ve made it driver-oriented so all of the passengers but especially the driver can control all the functions easier than before. So many new functions will be installed in new 2019 Lincoln Navigator. Maybe the finest thing about them is that there will be the perfect balance between safety and entertainment functions. What is so special about new Navigator is that he’s going to have only four seats inside. That will make him extra luxury and super classy. All of the seats will be available to be adjusted in more than 10 directions. The superfine leather is used and both heating and cooling options are included.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Rear

2019 Lincoln Navigator Engine, Power, Abilities

Even though new 2019 Lincoln Navigator is announced with only one engine unit, that’s going to be one spectacular engine. That’s going to be the 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo unit. This fantastic machine can produce 450 horsepower and torque amount of 500 lb/ft as the maximum. 10-speed automatic transmission system will be paired with this engine and it’s going to be really capable and useful. We still don’t have the numbers for the fuel consumption but we expect it to be reduced. What is sure is that this gearbox can send his power to only rear-two wheels.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 Lincoln Navigator is announced to be January 2019. When it comes to the price, we expect it to be around $99.000.

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