2019 Lexus LC Front

When you hear that new 2019 Lexus LC is arriving next year, you`ll definitely be surprised and you`ll definitely want to take a bit closer look at new LC. Lexus is surely one of the finest cars Company on the market and they have the great reputation to prove. With this new generation of LC, you know they`re going to do all they can to make him better. Even just a small improvement means a lot to the customers. Due to that, we know customers will love this luxury sports car. Take a look at this review we`ve prepared.

2019 Lexus LC Front

2019 Lexus LC Platform, Style, Appearance

The design of new 2019 Lexus LC is really spectacular. His shape is really stunning and it is great to make his aerodynamic abilities increased. Definitely, the finest thing on his front fascia is the grille on new LC. That grille is something Lexus`s designers have worked for more than a year. The result is obvious, new grille looks stunning. Headlights are sharper and they`re positioned closer to that grille than before. Air vents are now long but thin that`s going to make his shape and style totally different. Now, it makes him look sportier than before. The hood is longer than before and it has some new lines added to it. On the sides of new LC, we can see long and sharper side mirrors.

What is also great on new 2019 Lexus LC is that he`s going to arrive on 21.0-inch alloy set of wheels. With those wheels, new LC will have his performances raised to even higher level. Performances are surely something Lexus`s engineers want to increase. On the rear end, we can see attached rear spoiler which is also there to make him ride better. That spoiler is there to make him steady on the road. The rear bumper is larger than before and it is completed with the square-shaped exhaustion pipes. They`re now placed closer to the edges of the bumper. It is announced that new LC will be offered with more exterior color choices which are perfect. The red color will be his basic choice.

2019 Lexus LC Interior

2019 Lexus LC Interior Design, Review, Materials

The interior design of new 2019 Lexus LC isn`t still announced. We still haven`t seen any picture of how the cabin of new LC might look. What we can do is to listen what the rumors are saying. We came to one of our sources that is really close to Lexus`s factory and officials. They`re saying that new LC will be available with a lot of different materials to make him be more exclusive. That can be managed thanks to newly arranged Alcantara leather and imported wood from Brazil. That is surely the most expensive combination on the market and it`s going to make new LC one of the finest on the market.

Infotainment system inside new 2019 Lexus LC is surely one of a kind. It`s going to be equipped with the finest entertainment and safety functions, made in perfect balance. That way, new LC can be chosen by the families as well. But, we must say, this new LC will be the perfect choice for the younger generations. There aren`t yet information`s about the functions that are going to be installed but we know that Lexus`s engineers will transfer some of the functions from the previous generation, with major software upgrades made. The room inside new LC will remain to be the same as before. Even the cargo area will be enough inside new LC. All in all, it`s great looking and more than functional vehicle.

2019 Lexus LC Rear

2019 Lexus LC Engine, Power, Performances

At the moment, Lexus wants to reveal only one engine unit for new 2019 Lexus LC. That will be the 5.0-liter V8 unit. This engine is more than capable to supply new LC with 471 horsepower and more than decent torque amount. 10-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine unit and to every other that will arrive under the hood of new LC. Rear-wheel drive mode will be one and only choice for new LC. Performances are stunning for new LC and the great thing about it is that fuel consumption is reduced while top speed is increased. No doubt Lexus`s engineers have done all they can to make new LC faster than before.

2019 Lexus LC Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Arriving of extra luxury 2019 Lexus LC is expected to happen in May 2019. We have no doubts that new LC will be priced around $95.000, definitely not above that price for his basic trim level.

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