2019 Honda Insight Front

There isn`t enough of the surprises coming out of the Honda`s factory. New one is called 2019 Honda Insight and it is absolutely amazing. Everything that is displayed on this new Insight gives the proof that Honda`s really doing all they can to produce amazing looking car that won`t be different than some other high-class sedans. Just take a look at everything we know about this car and you`ll really feel the connection with this perfect model. This will be the love on first sight.

2019 Honda Insight Front

2019 Honda Insight Exterior Changes, Specs, Review

To be honest, it isn`t that hard today to create perfect looking exterior on a car. Almost every car Company manage somehow to produce perfect looking exterior that`s going to be functional as well. With that increased functionality they`re gaining more than just styled look. They`re gaining perfect aerodynamic abilities which will let them use less fuel than ever before. Reduced fuel consumption means that planet will be safer than before. We are so happy about it because that should be the goal of every car Company today. They all should take a look at 2019 Honda Insight and how it is designed. On the front fascia, they`ve took great care about making him the way it looks. There is extra wide grille with the headlights placed really close to it. They`re wider than before and they`re going to use newly developed lamps.

New 2019 Honda Insight is arriving on 20.0-inches wheels which are way bigger than before. They`re going to make him look stronger than before which means you`re going to love him more than before. On the sides, we can see some new lines that are spreading all over this car and it really makes him look like the true classy car. Those lines give him completely new feel, it definitely would not look that way without those. Looking on the back, new Insight has bigger taillights with bigger exhaustion pipes under them. Both of the bumpers on new Insight are reinforced which is just one more way to keep it running safer than before. That way, new Insight can be perfect for both families and younger generations. Honda`s really trying to have it all covered.

2019 Honda Insight Interior

2019 Honda Insight Interior Specs, Design, Appearance

Even though they have released the way how exterior looks, they still don`t want to show you everything that`s going to be placed inside. We are absolutely sure that new 2019 Honda Insight will not be made using some cheap plastic or some materials similar to that. We are convinced that there will be great looking Alcantara leather used inside to make the passengers feel nicer and classier than before. The almost entire cabin will be made using that material with a bit of help from wood, aluminum and carbon fibers. The perfect combination for the perfect looking car. We are convinced that they`re going to do all they can to provide stunning looking interior. The instrument board is stunning this time, it looks that there is where the whole attention is turned to.

Now, it`s going to get bigger and it`s going to look nicer than before. The touchscreen is bigger than before and now, it is made to be in 10.0-inches wide. With it, 2019 Honda Insight is ensuring his place in the most equipped and most modern looking cars of today. Next to that screen, we can see that climate vents are bigger than before which makes you really cozy about it because you can set the temperature exactly how you want it to be. All the functions that were present in the previous generation of some similar Honda`s car will be transferred to this one as well with some software upgrades made. Honda`s engineers have said that there will be great safety and great connection options. You can`t get it wrong with it.

2019 Honda Insight Rear

2019 Honda Insight Engine, Power, Abilities

Maybe the finest thing about 2019 Honda Insight is his engine unit. That is definitely the way why Honda’s trying to keep it as a secret. Now, we know really little details about it. We know that it’s going to be powered using hybrid engine option and we think that we know exact combination that’s going to be used to make it run. According to the biggest amount of rumors, that’s going to be 1.5-liter petrol powered engine and electric motor that’s going to use lithium-ion batteries. Together, they’re going to provide him great power amount and perfect fuel consumption. We still don’t have the information’s about the power amount but we’ve heard the official numbers when it comes to the fuel consumption. This time, new Insight will use 50 mpg in combined driving city/highway. Great numbers for perfect car.

2019 Honda Insight Price and Estimated Launch Date

We still aren’t aware what will be the starting price for new 2019 Honda Insight but we know it can’t get under $35.000. The release date is also a huge question mark and we expect it to be offered around July 2019, not sooner than that.

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