2019 Honda Fit Front

There are so many cool cars on the market and we think that new 2019 Honda Fit is surely one of the finest on that market. We have heard that new Fit is going to be improved in so many different aspects and we know that it`s going to be one of the finest. This time, Honda has prepared new Fit to be ready for modern times. For that cause, they`ve made it be modern and they`ve made it with lightweight materials to make it functional. Let`s see what`s going to be that great about new Fit that`s going to make you choose exactly this car and not some other.

2019 Honda Fit Front

2019 Honda Fit Redesign, Shape, Style

As we`ve said, new 2019 Honda Fit will be released with some exterior changes to make him more interesting for the customers. What is sure about new Fit is that he`s going to be released with reduced body weight to make him more functional. Potential customers already love him. With it, his overall body weight will be reduced and that`s going to make him use less fuel than ever before. His shape won`t be changed because even his previous generation was made in the brilliant shape to bring him stunning aerodynamic abilities. Now, as the weight is reduced and as the aerodynamic abilities are still brilliant, new Fit will be released with better performances than ever before.

New 2019 Honda Fit is now placed on 19.0-inch alloy wheels, those set of wheels will make him go easy on some heavier roads but we still aren`t sure what are those drivers that are going to make him go off-road. The front fascia of new Fit is released with a stronger front bumper. This time, the bumper will be made using only strong hard steel and finest aluminum with carbon fiber. Now, there will be more exterior color options which can make him closer to the customers all around the world. The sides of new Fit will remain the same as before with some new lines added. Rear fascia of this vehicle is now released with longer rear glass that`s going to allow you to have better visibility.

2019 Honda Fit Interior

2019 Honda Fit Interior Design, Review, Materials

When it comes to the cabin design of new 2019 Honda Fit we must say that it`s going to have the stunning design that`s going to make the passengers love him. We must say that there will be less plastic used inside new Fit, or maybe there won`t be any plastic used inside this Honda`s car. The biggest part of the cabin of this car will be made using finest leather materials. With it, new Fit will be released as the extra cozy cabin. There won`t be more room inside new Fit than it was before. But we must say that it`s going to look cozier than before. The instrument board inside this car will be released with fewer buttons than before. For starters, there will be 10.0-inches touchscreen placed in the middle of the instrument board.

With it, new 2019 Honda Fit will be released to be modernized. Even the steering wheel is now jammed with more buttons than before. We are sure that`s going to make the driver able to have better visibility. We still don`t have some general information`s about the functions that are going to be installed in new Fit. But now, we know there will be a great balance made between safety and entertainment functions. Honda announced that there will be brand new seats placed in new Fit. There are some rumors about it. The seats now have better lumbar support and better side support. In some higher trim levels, new Fit will have its seats available with heating and cooling options.

2019 Honda Fit Rear

2019 Honda Fit Engine, Power, Abilities

According to the rumors, we know for only one engine option that`s going to be available. Those are first news we have about new 2019 Honda Fit. That`s going to be his basic trim level. This engine is a 1.5-liter inline-4 unit. Using this engine unit, new Fit can be supplied with 130 horsepower and 114 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. This engine will be petrol powered and it`s going to be mated with 6-speed manual transmission option. Now, we have the fuel consumption estimated, it`s going to be 29/36 mpg city/highway. Great numbers for new Fit. The moment when we found out some other possible engine unit, we`ll let you know about it.

2019 Honda Fit Price and Release date, Rumors

Starting price for new 2019 Honda Fit will be exactly $18.000. When it comes to the release date, we know it`s going to be May 2019.

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