2019 Honda Accord Front

Japan cars are always on the top, but new 2019 Honda Accord really has it all to deserve that spot. Especially on his favorite, sedan market. Looking over to his previous generations, improvement is obvious so we expect to see the best in Accord so far in the 2018 year. There aren`t that much available information`s about this sedan and all we know about him are that he`s definitely going to be stronger. That means new Accord will arrive with better performances. We already love it. Take a look at one of the many Japan proud. 

2019 Honda Accord Front

2019 Honda Accord Shape, Platform, Appearance

Honda still doesn`t want to reveal the official style of new Accord or any official images. All we have are spy shots taken on their testing circuits. Looking to them, new 2019 Honda Accord will be slightly bigger and it`s going to be released with not that drastic changes on the exterior. We have noticed 20.0-inch alloy wheels which are bigger than before. That means new Accord will have some new tire options available as well. Better off-road abilities are something we know new Accord will be equipped with. What is also sure based on our view of new Accord is his front part. It`s way bigger than before and better equipped than it used to be. That can help him be stronger and safer as well.

More exterior color choices are something new 2019 Honda Accord can be proud of. His famous Japan designers will offer so many of them so the customers can be as picky as they want to. Looking closer to some details on the exterior we can spot some minor changes. For example, headlights are looking thinner than before but they`re more effective than before at the same time. It is great because of the new set of lamps that will be used. New LED ones are the ones to be thankful for. Rear part remains the same as before with slightly moved exhaustion pipes. They`re now closer to the edges.

2019 Honda Accord Interior

2019 Honda Accord Instrument board, Materials, Room

Interior of new 2019 Honda Accord is extra cozy and we can really see that the Honda`s designers and engineers have taken really special care so the passengers can be perfectly relaxed inside this car. The first thing that can make you think that way is his seats. They`re announced to be brand new. Now, even the basic trim level of new Accord will be equipped with Alcantara leather seats. Both heating and cooling options will be available for those seats. Of course, in some higher trim levels. Instrument board is also really good.

Now, it is made with softer materials to make the passengers feel even more pleasant. For example, now, 2019 Honda Accord has a larger touchscreen in the middle of it. It`s going to be 8.4-inches wide. Using that touchscreen, you can control most of the functions that will be installed because there will be fewer buttons on the instrument board than before. Some of the standard functions for new Accord will be: rear view camera with 360 degrees view, parking sensors, emergency braking, dual-zone climate controller, satellite radio, new audio system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors, traction control and many others.

2019 Honda Accord Side

2019 Honda Accord Engine, Performances, Specs

At the moment, Honda wants to reveal only one engine unit for new Accord. That will be the 1.2-liter unit. This one can supply new 2019 Honda Accord with 108 horsepower and torque amount of 128 lb/ft. This will surely appear as basic engine choice for new Accord. Together with the 6-speed automatic transmission, he`s going to be paired with, it`s going to give him way better performances. For example, new Accord will be able to run from 0-60 mph in only 8 seconds which is better than an old Accord.

2019 Honda Accord Estimated Arrival Date and Price

You can be sure that you can`t get new 2019 Honda Accord under $35.000. The release date is estimated to be March 2018.

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