2019 Ford Fusion Front

Among the popular sedan creators, Ford surely deserves to take the highest position. New 2019 Ford Fusion is one more model how they can reach that high place. This new Fusion is one of the main reasons why sedans are getting popular again. It seems that Ford took advantage of that and due to that, they`re recreating the Fusion again. We`ve found out all the important information`s about the changes they`ve made in this generation of Fusion and we`ve placed them into this review. Pay really close attention to it and you`ll see how great this model is.

2019 Ford Fusion Front

2019 Ford Fusion Refreshed Exterior Design

Just one look at new 2019 Ford Fusion is enough so you can get the idea how great driving this car really is. The moment when you take a look at him you`ll want to sit behind his steering wheel. The shape of new Fusion is slightly changed and it is clear that Ford made him better than before. His edges are now sharper than before which makes him look a bit boxier but that isn`t wrong when it comes to this sedan model. New wheels are arriving with new Fusion and they look stunning this time. The dimensions are getting bigger as well for those wheels. They`re now 20.0-inches wide which suit this model perfectly. We can see some new lines are placed on the sides of new Fusion which are placed in the perfect place to make him look sportier than before.

The finest part of new 2019 Ford Fusion is surely his front fascia. It is designed to have the wide grille in the first place and next to it, really wide and nicely shaped headlights. When we say nicely shaped we mean that they`re now made with sharper edges and that there aren’t made in that circular shape as before. Ford has kept the same LED technology lamps that we`ve seen in some other Ford`s modern models. Both of the bumpers are also reinforced thanks to some new materials which are used to create them. There will be a combination of carbon fiber and some hard steel. The back part looks pretty much the same as before but it has longer rear glass which is proved to make the driver has better visibility. With it, the safety is increased which makes new Fusion perfect for families.

2019 Ford Fusion Interior

2019 Ford Fusion Interior Style, Review, Shape

As you know, Ford will do anything they can to make new Fusion close to the passengers inside. They really took great care about what the customers are saying. When it comes to the previous generation of Fusion, the customers had some complaints about the accessibility of some buttons on the instrument board. For that cause, new 2019 Ford Fusion is made to have almost fully driver-oriented instrument board. That means that now, even the driver, besides other passengers, can control all the functions on that massive touchscreen on the middle of the instrument board. It is obvious that Ford has made all they can to make new Fusion closer to the customers. It`s all we`ve ever wanted to see.

Now, they`ve made the entire ride in new 2019 Ford Fusion as bigger pleasure. The seats are now bigger than before and they`re positioned closer to the bottom of the cabin of this new Fusion. With it, you can feel the speed closer than before. In addition to that, they`ve made better lumbar support and better sides support. They`ve added some finer materials as well. More leather is used now and the great thing about it is that will be available even in the basic trim level. The infotainment system is now improved more than ever before. We can proudly say that there are more safety functions available than in the previous generation of Fusion. That`s going to make new Fusion closer to the families which are somehow Ford`s goal.

2019 Ford Fusion Rear

2019 Ford Fusion Engine, Power, MPG

Ford isn`t that open to reveal all the information`s about the engine unit for new Fusion. Due to that, we know only for one engine choice. That`s going to be 2.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol powered engine unit. This engine can supply new 2019 Ford Fusion with the power of 175 horses and with 175 lb/ft as torque amount. Only one gearbox is available for new Fusion. That`s going to be 6-speed automatic transmission system. With it, you know that AWD is available because we`re used to seeing that from Ford`s cars. Fuel economy is improved now as well. We have heard that the official numbers are 21/32 mpg city/highway. Stay with us and you`re going to find some additional engine units really soon.

2019 Ford Fusion Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Even though new 2019 Ford Fusion can be placed in luxury sedan compartments, his price won`t be too high. It is estimated that it`s going to be around $24.000 for the basic trim level and we think he`s going to be released on the streets in February 2019.

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