2019 Ford Explorer Front

We are about to have one of the most modern SUV on the market because new 2019 Ford Explorer is about to be released. Ford announced him with the 2019 year in his name but some rumors are telling that he could be released next year. What we know are so many great details so we know that you`re going to be interested to read what we`ve prepared today. Take a look at everything that can make new Explorer so special. Take a look at everything that can make new Explorer separated from the crowd.

2019 Ford Explorer Front

2019 Ford Explorer Platform, Overview, Design

One thing is sure, new 2019 Ford Explorer will stun you with his design. It is designed to be less boxy than before, they`ve managed to make his edges a little less sharp than before. The front part is lower than before and all together, it means that you`re going to be given new Explorer with better aerodynamic abilities. There are larger air vents present on the front part and on the sides of this SUV allowing the engine to be cooled effectively. New Explorer is now placed on 21.0-inch alloy wheels that are enough to make him look stronger. Together with new tires, close to the ones present on new Raptor, new Explorer can go off-road with no problem. Now, he can face every obstacle.

Most of the details on new 2019 Ford Explorer are bigger than before. Take the lights for example. Headlights, taillights and even the fog lights are noticeably bigger than before. Other than that, they`re all made using top quality LED lamps which are there to make his visibility improved. Rear glass is longer than before. On the front fascia, we can see that the hood is longer as well. It is important to say that new Explorer is meant to be released with some new lines added to the sides of this tremendous vehicle.

2019 Ford Explorer Interior

2019 Ford Explorer Seats, Instrument, Interior

Inside the cabin, we can`t expect some major changes to happen. New 2019 Ford Explorer is already amazing car so his cabin could stay the way it was with his predecessor. That will be enough for the customers because they love it that way. It`s going to have enough room for the passengers and for every piece of their cargo they want to carry. If something is about to be changed inside new 2019 Ford Explorer that will be his infotainment system. This time, it`s going to receive significant software upgrades. Now, we expect to see him with more safety functions and with better entertainment ones.

For example, new Explorer is about to be released with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems for the first time. That is one perfect way how you can attract younger buyers or families with children. Other than that, there will be: rear-view camera, blind spot monitors, hill assistant, emergency braking, parking sensors, Internet connection, cruise control, traction control, digital climate control, satellite radio, more airbags than before and some new ones as well.

2019 Ford Explorer Rear

2019 Ford Explorer MPG, Transmission, Engine

New 2019 Ford Explorer is known to be available with two engine options. But honestly we expect to see at least two more. The first choice is the 2.7-liter V6 unit. This engine is capable to give him 325 horsepower and 350 lb/ft as his torque amount. This engine should be the basic choice for new Explorer. Next, we have 3.0-liter EcoBoost unit as the option. This one can supply it with 400 horsepower and with 440 lb/ft as maximum torque option. Both of these engine options will work in pair with the 9-speed automatic transmission system. This one can send the power to every one of four wheels. Maybe the greatest thing about the engines for new Explorer is that all of them are announced with reduced fuel consumption. We`re going to wait a little longer to see what will be official numbers for that.

2019 Ford Explorer Price and Estimated Launch Date

You can be sure that you won`t be able to buy new 2019 Ford Explorer under $35.000. What is also sure is that even you have that money, you`re going to wait until the beginning of November 2018.

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