2019 Ferrari Dino Front

When we talk about new 2019 Ferrari Dino we must talk in superlatives. Every Ferrari`s car deserves to be treated that way. New Dino as well. Especially when he`s revealed again. This new generation of Dino is expected to be way better than before. His designers and engineers will try to make him recognizable but more modern and more organized. One thing is sure, power is surely the first thing you`ll imagine when you think about new Dino. That`s the way what Ferrari wants you to think about. Let`s see can new Dino makes us stunned as his previous generations have done.

2019 Ferrari Dino Front

2019 Ferrari Dino Exterior Changes, Design

Of course, new 2019 Ferrari Dino will have extra light body weight this time. It`s going to have chassis made mostly from carbon fiber and aluminum combination. Together, it can really reduce its overall body weight. As you know, Ferrari`s designers are leaders in making their cars having perfect aerodynamic abilities. This new Dino will be one of the best in that area. It`s going to be really close to the ground and his nose and back will be perfect for making the airflow above it.

New Dino will be placed on 20.0-inch alloy set of wheels. With them, new Dino looks even stronger and it looks classier than before. There won`t be some brand new details placed on his exterior. It`s going to have that great long headlight. Their lamps will be improved this time. They`ll use newly developed LED lamps which will work using the minimum amount of energy. Of course, new 2019 Ferrari Dino is made in that basic red color for the exterior and there will be some more as additional options. But, to be honest, red is the Ferrari`s color.

2019 Ferrari Dino Interior

2019 Ferrari Dino Interior, Specs, Materials

When you look inside new 2019 Ferrari Dino you`ll see why the Italians are leaders in making a perfect cabin. It`s going to be extra stylish with amazing features. There will be amazing black and red Nappa leather to create his seats and the rest of the cabin. Instrument board is also made from soft materials. Everything will be made to make the passengers feel extra cozy and pleasant. Seats are made in bucket shape and they`re positioned slightly lower than before to make the passengers really feel the speed.

Moving forward, we must say that new 2019 Ferrari Dino will be released with the amazing number of functions. Most of them will be able to be controlled using the central touchscreen. That touchscreen will now be 8.0-inches wide. Some of the functions will have its controls jammed into the steering wheel or it can be controlled using only the voice controls. Some of the features installed inside will be: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, cruise control, overtaking assist, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, Bose sound system, satellite radio, dual-zone climate controller, rear-view camera, emergency braking, satellite navigation system and so many others.

2019 Ferrari Dino Rear

2019 Ferrari Dino Engine, Power, Performances

Ferrari`s officials are still being extra cautious when they talk about the engine options for new 2019 Ferrari Dino. So far, they haven`t revealed any official information about it. What we know is that it`s going to have 3.0-liter V6 twin turbocharged unit. This one is capable to produce around 530 horsepower as the basic choice. We still don`t have torque amount ready but we know it`s going to be amazing. With this kind of power, new Dino can run from 0-60 mph in only 3 seconds flat which is the perfect time. Top speed is estimated to be over 200 miles.

2019 Ferrari Dino Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for this beauty can`t be under $200.000. When it comes to the release date, we can`t see new 2019 Ferrari Dino before March 2019.

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