2019 BMW X4 Front

It is announced that BMWs model X4 will have its second generation released in 2019. Now, it is time to introduce you to new 2019 BMW X4. We are so proud to tell you that we`ve found out all of the important pieces of information about this stunning SUV. His design won`t be changed that much but this vehicle will be better than it was before. That means we can expect to see some great new engine options. Well, let`s take a look at new X4 and all of the details we`ve gathered.

2019 BMW X4 Front

2019 BMW X4 Refreshed Design, Review, Appearance

The exterior design of this stunning SUV won’t be changed that much so you can’t recognize him on the streets. It’s going to look a bit stronger but BMW will keep it recognizable just for you. New 2019 BMW X4 will be the true representative of its class and it’s going to be designed exactly how modern SUV deserves to look. His front fascia looks larger than before but that is just because of wider headlights, nothing else. The grille will surely remain the way it always has been styled. That means BMW won’t forget to make it again in that famous dual kidney-shaped. Now, with more chrome, it’s going to shine way better than before. Under the grille, we can see larger bumper which will be made using stronger materials that are proved to make it stronger than before. With it, the safety is increased.

Moving to the sides of this SUV, we can see he’s equipped with some new lines that are proved to make him stronger and sportier. There are larger wheels placed on 2019 BMW X4. The dimensions now are 21.0-inches and they’re more off-road capable than they were before. On the back part, we can see that the rear glass is bigger which can make the driver has better visibility than before and with it, the safety is improved more than ever before. That’s going to make new X4 perfect choice for larger families. BMW is surely aiming for the families as their number one buyers when it comes to the new X4. We have no complaints about him so he can easily become exactly what they want him to be.

2019 BMW X4 Interior

2019 BMW X4 Interior Style, Shape, Size

As we are all aware that BMW has one of the best interior designers on the market, we know that we can expect to see new X4 with brilliant and amazing looking cabin. Today, we’ve seen that is nothing but exactly true. It is all we’ve imagined being. New 2019 BMW X4 has so much room inside that all the passengers and all the cargo they’re carrying can fit perfectly. Besides that, they’re all going to enjoy maximum comfort inside. For that, we can be thankful for the Alcantara leather which is used to complete the seats inside new X4. In addition to those perfect materials, BMW gave them splendid lumbar and sides support. Also, we’ve heard that now, even the basic trim levels of new X4 will be equipped with the seats that have installed seating and cooling options. It is something any modern SUV needs to have.

Looking it closer, we can see that new 2019 BMW X4 has one of the finest looking instrument board. Today, finest looking instrument board means that it’s going to be equipped with only minimum required buttons. In the middle of it, we can see large touchscreen that’s going to have all those controls prepared inside. Besides that, BMW has installed voice control as one of the options for new X4. That is something we know that can separate new X4 from all the others similar SUVs. When it comes to the infotainment system, we know that new X4 can become one of the leaders in that aspect. We know that isn’t something they’ve been given, they have earned it with the hard work they have put in new X4.

2019 BMW X4 Rear

2019 BMW X4 Engine, Power, Transmission, Abilities

So far, we have heard for only one engine option for new 2019 BMW X4. That’s going to be the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged unit. This one can produce the power of 248 horses and torque of 258 lb/ft as the maximum. With this kind of power, new X4 can run from 0-60 mph in only 6 seconds flat which is the brilliant time for this kind of SUV. This engine, as every other that arrives under the hood of new X4 will be mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission system choice. That gearbox can transfer all the power inside this SUV to every four wheels on it. That is something we can’t imagine new X4 without.

2019 BMW X4 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The price for new 2019 BMW X4 can’t go below 52.000. We are more than sure that he can’t be released before May 2019.

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