2019 BMW X3 Front

We just love writing about cars that are already famous as new 2019 BMW X3 really is. This new generation that is almost ready is definitely there to make him better. BMW is ready to stun the customers one more time. X3 was SUV that made so many changes on the SUV market so this new generation is expected to do something similar as well. It was hard to get some information`s about this car because the Germans don`t want to talk about their pride yet. But, we wouldn`t be the best if we haven`t managed to find something important about it. Take a look at our research work about upcoming X3.

2019 BMW X3 Front

2019 BMW X3 Appearance, Exterior Style and Design

All the pictures that were placed on the internet so far were showing new 2019 BMW X3 under heavy camouflage and we are here to change that. This time, we are ready to tell you some new details about his exterior. For start, new X3 is prepared to lose some weight because it`s going to be placed on the new platform that is ready to allow him to do that. That means we can expect more aluminum and carbon fiber combination used in chassis. We know that BMW always manages to make their new cars more modern than some previous version so that is the least we can hope for new X3 to come.

It is announced that new 2019 BMW X3 is supposed to be produced with brand new technology when it comes to the lights. We expect some of them to use LED one and other to use bi-xenon ones. The powerful combination made from BMW there is no doubt in that. Looking at the front part of new X3 we can see that it`s looking bigger than before. That is probably thanks to new headlights and grille design. Headlights are now looking sharper than before. Grille, even though it is made in the same recognizable kidney-shape, is bigger than before.

2019 BMW X3 Interior

2019 BMW X3 Materials, Improvement

The cabin of new 2019 BMW X3 is also slightly restyled. This time, it`s going to be made using only premium materials because BMW is planning to make X3 more luxury than it was before. The first thing you need to know is that there won`t be plastic used at all. The great and already proved combination of leather, wood and carbon fiber is only used this time. Instrument board has suffered many changes this time. For starters, there won`t be that many buttons and knobs as before. Almost every control will be moved to the touchscreen which will now be 10.2-inches wide. Also, the steering wheel is supposed to be bigger than before which can allow him to have more functions jammed on him.

That can make new 2019 BMW X3 be safer than ever before. We know that new X3 is planned to be released with more functions than his predecessor had but we still don`t know all of them. The ones that are announced are: emergency braking, all-around view camera, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, traction control, blind spot monitors, overtaking assist, Android Auto and Apple Car play connection systems, dual-zone climate controller, satellite radio, new navigation system powered by Google Maps and many additional ones.

2019 BMW X3 Side

2019 BMW X3 Engine, Power, Performance

There aren`t that much information`s available about the engine options for new 2019 BMW X3. We know only one engine option. That will be his basic choice. This time, that engine is a 3.0-liter inline-6 unit. This engine is powerful enough to produce 355 horsepower and torque amount of 369 lb/ft. 8-speed M Steptronic will be the only choice for the gearbox when it comes to the new X3. With this engine unit, new X3 is going to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 4 seconds flat which is amazing. His top speed is now estimated to be 155 mph which is great for extra luxury SUV.

2019 BMW X3 Price and Reliable Release date

Starting price for new 2019 BMW X3 is exactly $55.000. The great thing about new X3 is that he`s going to be released even before the starting of 2019. Probably somewhere around November 2018.

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