2019 BMW X2 Front

We just love talking about brand new models, about debuts. Well, now, 2019 BMW X2 is what we are going to talk about. First, you need to know that he`s placed in the small-size SUV category and that he`s going to be strong. The design of BMWs models was never a problem so we know that this new X2 won`t be having that problem as well. We expect to see him arriving in many different trim options which can satisfy many different customers. Let`s take a look at what BMWs is willing to reveal about new X2.

2019 BMW X2 Front

2019 BMW X2 Exterior Design, Review, Look

It is clear that the market is demanding to have BMWs model between X1 and X3 and that is one reason why 2019 BMW X2 is nowhere. It has its debut on the Detroit Auto Show and all the people that have seen him there were more than satisfied with the way how it looks. His shape isn`t a mystery at all. It is created in the way that BMW always creates their SUVs, that is the shape that brought them amazing popularity on the market. So, why stop the way that brings them success?

This new X2 will be made with mostly lightweight materials. For that cause, BMWs engineers used mostly carbon fiber and according to the rumors, new X2 should be one of the rare cars that use carbon fiber in over 90% of its chassis. With it, we are sure that the overall weight will be reduced but the aerodynamic will be increased.

Looking at new 2019 BMW X2 we can see how all the SUVs should look. Of course, BMW will remain to have that stunning grille design that made them famous. That dual-kidney shape is something they are never going to drop. Next, to it, we can see that the headlights are made in slightly changed shape. They aren`t that much circular again but they`re nicely shaped as well, even with the sharper edges. The hood is longer and it has some new lines added to make entire SUV looks stronger. On the sides, we can see larger air vents and some styling lines. The rear part of new X2 is now made to have larger taillights that are made to have the new set of lamps to give them light. Exhaustion pipes are made in the square shape and with sharper edges as well.

2019 BMW X2 Interior

2019 BMW X2 Interior Design, Appearance, Materials

We are pretty sure that you already know how amazing the interior of any BMWs vehicle looks like. Due to that, we know that we can expect only the finest inside 2019 BMW X2. That means that new X2 won’t be having plastic inside its cabin used at all. The biggest part of the interior of this SUV is made using the top quality leather material. Now, we expect to see only Alcantara leather used inside this vehicle. What is great is that we know that his instrument board will be one of the finest. This time, it seems that BMWs looking on to some other car producers. Looking inside new X2 we can find the most similarities with the Tesla Motors Company. That means that he’s going to have the instrument board made using only one larger touchscreen and not that great number of buttons.

That means that all of the functions will be transferred to that screen and that most of them can be controlled using your own voice. That is the way how BMW wants to be extremely modernized. All the functions inside 2019 BMW X2 are already visible and seen in some other models. Now, for new X2 we’re going to have great software upgrades made. It is obvious that BMW will try to give him great balance in the safety and entertainment functions. It is great because, in that way, new X2 is gaining popularity among families and younger customers as well.

2019 BMW X2 Side

2019 BMW X2 Engine, Power, Abilities, MPG

There are so little information’s about the engine units for new 2019 BMW X2. At this moment, we know for only one engine unit that should be the basic option for this powerful SUV. According to the BMWs officials, that will be the 2.0-liter inline-4 turbocharged unit. Using this stunning engine, new X2 is supplied with 228 horsepower and with torque amount of 259 lb/ft. 8-speed automatic transmission system should be mated to this engine and to every other that appears under the hood of new X2. Of course, all-wheel drive mode will be available with new X2. When it comes to the performances, we expect his acceleration time from 0-60 mph to be around 6 seconds flat which is great.

2019 BMW X2 Price and Expected Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 BMW X2 is still tricky to say but we are sure he can’t be released until June 2019. The price is easier to estimate and we think he’ll be released around $39.000 when it comes to his starting trim level.

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