2019 BMW 8-Series Front

New 2019 BMW 8-Series is truly something. It is produced and imagined in the way that`s the closest to the biggest part of the customers. Now, you can really say that BMW is the Company that cares the most about the customers` wishes and desires. New 8-Series is bigger than it was before and it is stronger in any way you can think of. It`s not like we`re bragging but we`re one of the first to have full opportunity to see how new 8-Series is looking. Therefore, we`ve created this review to make him closer to the customers all around the world. Take a look.

2019 BMW 8-Series Front

2019 BMW 8-Series Exterior Refreshments, Changes

The exterior design is one of the things why customers often name BMWs cars as the world’s best. They have got the way to make them improved and they really know how to make it closer to all of you. This time, new 2019 BMW 8-Series has increased in overall size but reduced overall weight which is a recipe for success. His shape is something BMW has worked on for many years and new 8-Series is definitely a proof that hard work must pay off someday. It is a true four-door sedan which brings that much great stuff to the lucky person behind his steering wheel and to the passengers inside. We must tell you that this new 8-Series are announced as the nicest looking M car ever produced in the BMWs factory. We`re really convinced in that because we know how great they`re doing their work.

It is longer than before and it is positioned lower than before but it still makes him a perfect city car. BMWs engineers have announced the really small number of exterior color choices which are the evidence that new 8-Series are really luxury and classy car. The black is his basic and favorite color. When it comes to the details, only one thing is sure even before the arrival of this car is announced, that is his grille. BMWs designers are remaining it the same as before in that recognizable dual-kidney shape which is their signature. The customers love it so there`s no need to change it. The headlights are wider than before but they`re suiting it perfectly. The back part is almost the same on any new arrival of BMWs sedan which makes him one of the nicest.

2019 BMW 8-Series Cabin

2019 BMW 8-Series Interior Look, Review, Styling

The cabin of new 2019 BMW 8-Series is the proof how technical engineering could become the part of the aesthetic when it comes to the car’s interior. New 8-Series has so much technical stuff introduced that we think of him as a true car for the future. Just take a look at the instrument board. It is released with fewer, or to be precise, with almost no buttons at all. The touchscreen on the middle takes the central position. It is released with 10.0-inches wide diagonals which makes him one of the biggest on the market and in the BMWs past. With it, you can use and you monitor almost every change that`s happening with your car.

It is more driver-oriented which is great but don`t think that driver must turn his head away from the road, no, he can control everything using just his own voice commands. That`s something not many modern sedans can brag with. The climate vents have kept their size and shape but there are more of them in the cabin now which is perfect for the pleasure of the passengers inside. We are sure that the new 2019 BMW 8-Series can accommodate 5 adult passengers inside and the best thing about it is that all of them are going to enjoy the maximum comfort level. This time, new seats are released and the cargo area is increased. Definitely great job by the BMWs designers and engineers.

2019 BMW 8-Series Rear

2019 BMW 8-Series Engine, Power, Performances

Now, the perfect engine is placed under the hood of new 2019 BMW 8-Series. For the first time, he really gets the engine he deserves to have. It is powered with the 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 petrol powered unit. This magnificent engine can develop 530 horsepower and approximately the same torque amount. That`s great power amount because it can create great top speed and awesome acceleration time. It is estimated that he`s going to need 3.4 seconds to reach from 0-60 mph which is something not much true city sedans could reach.

Also, we must mention that this engine is working in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. The benefits of it are enormous. He can transfer the power to all four wheels and it can reduce the fuel consumption. It is estimated that it`s going to be around 29 mpg in combined driving city/highway which is great.

2019 BMW 8-Series Price and Estimated Launch Date

We probably have to wait until the February 2019 to have the pleasure to see new 2019 BMW 8-Series on the streets. But that`s ok because it`s is close to that period. The price for new 8-Series is set to be around $85.000.

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