2019 BMW 1-Series Front

The hatchbacks are popular again, new 2019 BMW 1-Series is surely one of those that are leading that category of cars. BMW is the ones that are capable to do that. They`re capable to produce a car that is surely better than all of his predecessors so we`re expecting more from new 1-Series than he has shown us before. Let`s take a bit closer look at what we can expect from new 1-Series.

2019 BMW 1-Series Front

2019 BMW 1-Series Exterior Redesign, Review, Specs

Looking at the exterior, we can`t see some drastic changes. Especially when we`re looking at the front fascia. That is the part where they`re trying to keep as much recognizable shaped parts as they can. The grille is surely that well-known kidney-shaped again. That`s the shape that makes 2019 BMW 1-Series recognizable and favorite among the buyers. Now, they`ve improved the headlights which are now sharper than before. With the increased shape, the headlights are better than before and with that, the visibility is improved. That affects the families to choose new 1-Series more than they used to be. Safety is improved which is an important segment of any car.

You can look at every part of new 2019 BMW 1-Series and you`ll feel incredible with no matter what angle you look at it. For example, his sides look sportier than before. They have sharper lines which are now spreading all across the body of this hatchback. It is noticeable that some air vents are placed on the sides for the first time. That`s one more thing how you can make him look sportier. 20.0-inches wide black alloy wheels are perfect touch from the BMWs designers. They`re surely expecting the best from it and they`re surely paying attention to the smallest detail on the exterior. The rear part is bigger and we can spot that the rear glass is bigger than before. That makes the driver easier to look all around this car to increase his safety even more.

2019 BMW 1-Series Cabin

2019 BMW 1-Series Interior Design, Review, Appearance

The interior of any BMWs car is definitely the best you`ve seen in a while. Everything is close to you and everything is made from the softest possible materials. New 2019 BMW 1-Series has more leather inside than ever before. It is clear that the instrument board is more drivers oriented now. That makes the driver easier to control all the functions while he pays better attention to the road ahead. What is interest is that they really have improved the feeling for the driver. Even the steering wheel is equipped with more controls and buttons. They`re making it easier for it to control all those numerous functions and features.

The seats that are installed in new 2019 BMW 1-Series are really one of a kind. They make new 1-Series how it is and that`s one of the coziest hatchbacks on the market. BMW has done the best job this time. Those seats are available with both heating and cooling options. With them, the passengers are capable to relax and to enjoy every second inside this magnificent car. What is interested in them is that they`re available with massage options. That is something every modern car should deserve to have. New 1-Series can easily become one of the leaders on that market.

2019 BMW 1-Series Rear

2019 BMW 1-Series Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is the part which turned a lot of attention of the potential customers. It is estimated that new 2019 BMW 1-Series is set to be equipped with a 2.0-liter V6 petrol power engine unit. This one is perfect for a hatchback. It can develop 340 horsepower and close to the 300 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

This engine unit is paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission system and it can make his fuel consumption reduced. That`s estimated to be 24/28 mpg city/highway.

2019 BMW 1-Series Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 BMW 1-Series is set to start from March 2019. His actual price isn`t yet announced but it is said to be around $25.000.

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