2019 Audi RS8 Front

Just the news that new 2019 Audi RS8 will arrive is enough. We don`t even need to know that much about him to know that we absolutely love this car. Previous generations were among the top three cars in the world. This time, Audi wants RS8 to take number one. They won`t be happy with the top three again. We`ve prepared this review to have some clue what will Audi do to new RS8 in placing him where he deserves. That`s number one position for sure.

2019 Audi RS8 Front

2019 Audi RS8 Appearance, Details, Chassis

New 2019 Audi RS8 is Audi`s latest project which is there to prove that true city car can be fast as well. The design of new RS8 is definitely spectacular. Now, they`ve redesigned his shape a bit. Even though it remained to be recognizable again, Audi made it a bit better now. The front part isn`t that low now which can make him capable to go over any obstacle you can find in the city. Audi still hasn`t announced that they`ll be made some drastic changes on the exterior of new RS8. Knowing how great previous generation of this car looks, we don`t have any problem with the same design again.

What is announced is that new 2019 Audi RS8 will receive some new exterior color choices. That is one sure way how you can attract more customers to buy your product. When it comes to new details, we expect to see only improved old ones. For example, all the lights will remain in the same shape and style only the lamps inside will be different now. Different means better in this case. Both of the bumpers on new RS8 will be reinforced which can make him stronger than before. Of course, you know that new RS8 will be the lightweight car. That means his chassis will be made using mostly carbon fiber and aluminum.

2019 Audi RS8 Interior

2019 Audi RS8 Interior, Cabin Style, Functions

Even though this is the fast car, we must say that new 2019 Audi RS8 is extra spacious for this category. There will be room for 4 adult passengers inside which is more than any other car which is similar to him. All seats will be extra cozy and made with lightweight materials as well. Audi doesn’t want anything to become overweight. Instrument board is made using only carbon fiber, aluminum and leather combination. Other than that, there won`t be some extra new buttons. Only the most important ones will be there. Other controls will be transferred to the larger touchscreen. Now, he`s going to be 8.5-inches wide.

We must say that new 2019 Audi RS8 is one of the best-equipped cars on the market. New RS8 have amazing safety and entertainment system. All in all, new RS8 have great infotainment system. The steering wheel has so many new controls added. Some of the functions we are sure that will be the part of the infotainment system of new RS8 will be: rear-view camera, parking sensors, dual-zone climate control, lane departure assist, overtaking assist, emergency braking, Bluetooth and USB connection, Bose sound system, more speakers than before, adaptive cruise control, traction control, blind spot monitors and many others.

2019 Audi RS8 Rear

2019 Audi RS8 Engine, Top Speed, Performances

This time, only one engine unit is announced for new 2019 Audi RS8. And trust us, that engine is fantastic. That will be 4.0-liter V8 twin turbocharged unit. This one is capable to produce 560 horsepower and torque amount of 481 lb/ft as the maximum. 8-speed automatic transmission system will be paired with this engine. When it comes to his performances, we must say they`ll be awesome. First, his top speed is estimated to be 190 mph. Second, he`s going to need around 3 seconds to reach from 0-60 mph.

2019 Audi RS8 Expected Starting Price and Release date

What we know is that new 2019 Audi RS8 can`t be released before September 2018. When it comes to his price, we expect it to be around $120.000.

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