2019 Aston Martin DBX Front

Luxury SUVs are getting stronger with the arrival of the 2019 Aston Martin DBX. This is definitely one of the most important and most powerful SUVs to arrive in the next year market. We are so excited about the arrival of the 2019 DBX because he’s the true European model that’s made to be loved by the American customers and the rest of the world. Let’s see what is so special about this SUV that makes the whole world crazy about it.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Front

2019 Aston Martin DBX Exterior Redesign, Review

When you have new 2019 Aston Martin DBX in your garage, you can be sure that people are going to turn their heads towards you. This new DBX looks more than just incredible. His platform is stunning and we just can`t get enough of his shape and style. New DBX is placed on a different kind of chassis. This time, his chassis is made from the top class materials that are going to allow him to lose some weight. That means a significant amount of weight when it comes to the way how Aston Martin does his business. What is interesting about new DBX is that both of his bumpers are made from hard steel which somehow increases the body weight. That isn`t a problem for it at all because the rest of the body is made from carbon fiber and aluminum.

When it comes to the details which are placed on the body of this vehicle, we can tell you that we can talk about them for days. We just don`t know from which angle new 2019 Aston Martin DBX looks better. Entire SUV looks like it is made just for the special class of customers. We can honestly say that new DBX isn`t made for everybody. He`s made to show the class and your reputation. The black color is the basic and it`s going to be available only in limited exterior color choices. It`s placed on the 21.0-inches wide tires made with alloy wheels. Together, they`re even increasing the position new DBX has. What is sure about it is that he`s going to use all new and modern technology. It is obvious wherever you lay your eyes on it. Everything is ultra modern and classy.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Interior

2019 Aston Martin DBX Interior Look, Appearance

It is obvious that new 2019 Aston Martin DBX is roomier than before. That`s the idea of how Aston Martin wants to make him closer to the customers with larger families. Now, they don`t have any obstacle to buying this model before some others. Now, besides it is extra classy and modern, it is roomier than some other similar models. New DBX has his instrument board redesigned which leaves more room for the seats. That makes the seats bigger than before and better positioned. The materials have left the same as before, extra cozy and soft. One more time, the Alcantara leather is the material that Aston Martin uses for the biggest part of their cabins. What is interesting is that now, almost all of the Aston Martin`s cars have seats with massage option. You know that`s the same with new DBX.

The entire interior is similar to the ones in the spaceships. That`s the idea to make new 2019 Aston Martin DBX extra modern. Aston Martin wants him to be the best and wants you to look at it like something you have never seen before. Just the steering wheel is enough. It is a bit less round than we are used to. But now, it has more controls and buttons jammed in it. That way, new DBX becomes safer than some others. It is way easier to control all those numerous of functions that are installed in this SUV. Aston Martin`s engineers want you to enjoy all of them but to look at the safety of the passengers inside on the number one spot.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Rear

2019 Aston Martin DBX Engine, Power, Performances

What is interesting about the engine unit of new 2019 Aston Martin DBX is that they want to make him extra strong and powerful, but still, they want him to be kept on really low CO2 emission. That`s the plan for the engine that`s going to be placed under the hood of this magnificent SUV. This time, that`s going to be the 5.2-liter V12 supercharged unit. It`s going to be petrol powered which is already better than the diesel one. The power amount is stunning itself. This engine is supplied with the 600 horsepower and withthe torque of 516 lb/ft.

Now, this engine is working in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system which is great for the plan that Aston Martin has. It has low CO2 emission and it has low fuel consumption. Also, what is important to say, it sends all the power to the every one of the four wheels on this SUV.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Price and Estimated Arrival Date

$250k is the starting price for this amazing model. You may say that it is too high but you`re getting so much with new 2019 Aston Martin DBX. The release date is set to be April 2019.

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